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Deerfield Beach Second Home Management

Deerfield Beach Home Inspections

Our Maxima services are available anywhere from Deerfield Beach, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County. Our Deerfield Beach Second Home Management Company is completely certified, licensed, and insured to take care of your second home when you aren’t around to do so. To keep tasks flowing smoothly we use a multi-point inspection system to form a checklist to keep everything on a maintenance schedule.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Maintenance is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a Deerfield Beach Second Home Management company throughout South Florida. It’s hard to find a company insured and trusted to deal with any vehicle you leave behind and keep them fully-functional for when you return. Maxima Property Management takes a pledge to keep all your vehicles in working order and properly maintained around a schedule for when you return.

We take a charge in:

  • Running the vehicle or a quick drive around the neighborhood to keep the engine in good working order.
  • Washing, Vacuuming or Waxing upon request
  • Arrange body shop work, maintenance work, or any other regular service whenever needed to keep the vehicle in optimal shape.


Our Deerfield Beach Second Home Management company takes on the responsibility to gather all mail for the original owner, then organize, sort, and deliver it from the second home to wherever our client pleases, as soon as possible upon request.

Vendor Meetings

Maxima Property Management has licensed boat captains and couriers to assure that all your merchandise, equipment, or even an arriving boat is accounted for and transported to your second home or another destination of choice safely. Due to the popularity of this service, we have a Boat Captain on call and scheduled to ensure your boat reaches your second home, as per request.


Repairs, Maintenance, and Renovations

At our Deerfield Beach Second Home Management Company, we have certified and responsible janitors, technicians, and maintenance work on call to keep all home utilities, project renovations, or all other home maintenances up to date and completed. If a tenant ever needs maintenance, we have a 24/7 emergency line available to deal with any issues to your property while you’re not home. Keeping your home pristine as if it was our home is a major value here at Maxima Property Management.