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Vacation Rental Management

Are you a property owner looking for vacation homes property management or short-term rental services? We are a certified vacation rental management company that offers vacation rental property management and short-term rental services to home owners that want to rent their property for short period of time or on a nightly basis. 

Property Conversion

Our vacation rental management division works in unison with the home owner in transferring the property and to make it suitable for vacation rentals. This essentially involves furnishing the property, supply all necessary kitchen cookware, and stocking up on towels & linens. We offer further recommendations that can be detailed upon request. Preparation of a house manual and tourism booklet are included in this process.

Inventory Management

Our vacation rental property management team will keep a well-detailed inventory list on your behalf to ease the process of restocking whenever necessary. This also let us account for every item that was present before arrival and aftera guest departure. We charge accordingly in case guest damaged the property and its content out of the security deposit we held.

Property Advertisements

We advertise on all the major platform including but not limited to Airbnb, TripAdvisor/FlipKey and VRBO. We use our large customer base to market the vacation property to all ourexisting customer, past guests, and all leads to increase the bookings on your property.

Maintenance and Repair Services

One of the most important factors in the short-term rental service industry is to provide superb customer service. As part of that, we have a team of hand-picked maintenance and repair technicians that are ready to answer any maintenance call or issue that may arise. Also, as part of the property conversion process from long to short term rental, the property needs to go through some basic modifications that our team can take care of. We also conduct periodic maintenance services such as property cleaning, repairs, landscaping and pest control. At Maxima, we never leave anything to chance.

Handling Payments

Our financial team is dedicated to handling all payments including sales and tourist taxes on your behalf. As part of our vacation rental services offering, we guarantee a detailed report on the expenditure, maintenance and profits realized each month. Monthly, annual, and tax reports available always.

Calendar Management

Our short-term rental managementdivision will constantly work on your annual calendar to control for holidays, events and your own bookings! We will modify and make rates and special discounts alterations on a constant basis. This ensures that all bookings run smoothly, and rates stay competitive according to market changes.

Around the Clock Services

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that potential customers can reach us for information regarding short term rental services. Our emergency line always goes through in case of any queries or inconveniences.