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Real Estate Brokerage

Maxima is a full-service real estate property management firm. We have our own real estate brokerage that specializes in residential properties in the South Florida area. Welcome to Maxima Realty!

Purchasing Properties

Are you looking to buy in the South Florida area? With Maxima, you can enjoy a full-service real estate brokerage. Whether it be a first-time home buyer, investor looking for high cap rate, a 1031 exchange, or a second home, we have you covered. Maxima utilizes state of the art technology to create searches directly tailored to your wants and needs. You are notified via direct e-mail of anything new in your search criteria immediately in order toget ahead of the competition. Additionally, with our years in the trade, we have the inspectors, insurance agents & mortgage lenders readily available that fit perfectly with the property being purchased.

Selling Properties

Do you have a property to sell? Maxima will take this seemingly daunting task from you making it simple and streamlined, while closing faster than imagined!We handle everything from the paperwork, showings, inspections marketing, escrows and whatever else that may arise. When selling,owners should consider many aspects that our experienced team can advise on to get the highest sale price for the property.

Marketing the Property

Marketing your property is an essential and often overlooked step in selling or renting a property. You want a broker who will create full listing reports, take professional photographs, send mailers and place signage to create the best public face of the property.The better the marketing means the higher the sale price and quicker transactions. Maxima gets this done at no cost to you, while creating widespread publicity.

Finding the Perfect Tenant for Your Property

As a property owner, you want nothing but the best for it. Maxima makes sure that you get the best tenant possible. Maxima has a multi-layered approach to match the tenant to the property and the owners best interest. With deep & thorough background checking, credit history, eviction history, criminal reporting, rental history, income and job verifications we ensure the tenant will be right for the property. At Maxima Realty and with the help of our real estate brokerage, you can find the perfect tenant for your property.

Comparative Market Analysis

Buying & Selling of property requires evaluation and assessment, including a Comparative Market Analysis. This can be done with the assistance by Maxima Realty asareal estate brokerage. We are familiar with market trends and how the property in question should be viewed in a micro and macro level. Considering comparable properties, new construction, schools, job factors, crime, and many other indicators, Maxima Realty creates a report tailored just to that specific property. The CMA performed by Maxima is above and beyond what you will get from other brokerages.

Rental Analysis

Rental analysis will allow you to get the most income out of the property you are renting out. With the best real estate brokerage by your side, we will perform a detailed rent analysis and comparison. We account for the rates of comparable property adjusting for differences such as garage spaces, waterfronts, pools, remodel condition, etc. Our rental analysis report is very detailed and will ensure you understand the market for the rental property. We advise on the right price to list for the quick turnaround for a tenant to move-in.

Advice for First-Time Buyers

First-time home buyers typically experience this life-changing decision without much guidance. Maxima Realty is a real estate brokerage that aims to debunk this problem. This decision to buya home is very tough, stressful, and at time gut-wrenching. At Maxima are with you every step of the way from before we identify properties to tour to after you close on the home. Maxima has a professional to assist in the lending, insurance, inspections, moving, and remodeling departments. We are there for first-time home buyers, so you can make an informed and calculated decision.

Foreign, Local and Out-of-State Investment

Aside from local investments, Maxima Realty, the best real estate brokerage, can also assist you with foreign and out-of-state investments. The assistance of a professional will allow you to be familiar with regulations that you need to comply with. Maxima Realty will set you up with our attorneys and accounts that advise you directly for your needs.