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Pompano Beach Second Home Management

Pompano Beach Home Inspections

Maxima is located throughout the Pompano Beach area, Broward County, and the entirety of South Florida to ensure your home stays in condition and to your liking. Our Pompano Beach Second Home Management Company is licensed and insured, leaving you with no worries when you’re not around. When we enter your home, we use a multi-point inspection checklist to get everything in tip-top shape.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle management for your second home can be an issue in Pompano Beach and in the South Florida region with unpredictable weather circumstances. Maxima Property Management Company takes a pledge to keep all your vehicles maintained, cleaned, and in working order on a scheduled basis.

We take a charge in:

  • Running the vehicle or a quick drive around the neighborhood to keep the engine in good working order.
  • Washing, Vacuuming or Waxing upon request
  • Arrange body shop work, maintenance work, or any other regular service whenever needed to keep the vehicle in optimal shape.


Our Pompano Beach Second Home Management company will take initiative on gathering, organizing, sorting, and delivering your mail from your second home to a location or address of your choice, as soon as possible upon request.

Vendor Meetings

Maxima Property management company will meet with any vendors to assure that all merchandise, equipment, or even a Boat will be transported to your second home or destination of choice. We have a Boat Captain to confirm that the boat reaches your second home in Pompano Beach, or wherever in South Florida.


Repairs, Maintenance, and Renovations

Our Pompano Beach Second Home Management company supplies janitors, technicians or any other utility home workers to your second home to complete any property renovation project or just other home maintenance. We have an emergency line moving around the clock, 24/7 to deal with any issues your home may come across. We hand-pick our workers and technicians so don’t worry when it comes to keeping your home well maintained, as we take care of your home as if it was our home.