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Repairs, Maintenance, and Renovation

When you are thinking about remodeling or renovating your home, you need to have a vision of exactly what you want done. Our home renovation services division help you transform your current home to become your dream home. Maxima has the following service available:

Floor Installation

A brand-new floor can change the entire appearance and value of your property. When a new floor installation is done by our professional team, your new floor will last a lifetime. When it comes to Remodeling and Home Renovation Whether it be tile, laminate wood, hardwood, or stone flooring Maxima will install it all.


We can build custom items for you. Our workmanship is guaranteed to be to your satisfaction.


Painting is the fastest and least costly way to change a room’s look and feel. Our team can work around furniture and other items, to paint efficiently. Our top priority is making sure the Remodeling and Home Renovation is done in a clean and neat manner. No matter your painting needs, Maxima has the knowledge and abilities to make your property look like you want it to be.

A/C Installation and Maintenance

Air Conditioning here in South Florida is a must. Having A/C in place is great so long as it works. Having the proper maintenance performedcan save you money on repairs. Maxima has a preferred vendors and pricing for A/C Installation and passes these prices on to you. Everything is done according to code and permitted.


Plumbing is very important to get right the first time, as you will end up with a constant issue and ongoing expenses if not done right. Our team has the experience to make sure that the repair is done the right way, the first time.


Electrical work takes a lot of knowledge and training to make sure that everything is to Florida Code.


Whether it be repairs to existing or newly installed drywall we make sure it blends smoothly and perfectly with original walls. Installation of course is done according to code so the walls will have maximum strength removing any fear of them falling down.

Interior and Exterior Repairs

Nearly all homes at one point will need to have repairs done. We quickly come and offer a solution to any repair needed, so you can enjoy your home completely once again.

Concrete Restoration

Over time, weather will breakdown concretes. This means that you will need to repair or replace the concrete around your home to remove potential trip hazard and other liability issues.

Renovation of Kitchen, Baths, and Rooms

Having your dream home could be as simple as one phone call away. Our team helps in the renovation process and we can deliver any renovation you would like to be done at your property.

Our job as part of the house renovation services division is to take your dreams about your home and turn them into reality. Maxima Renovations goal is to make sure that our services and end-product are to your exact specifications, and up to building code in Florida. We aim to complete the home renovation project within the budget, and on time. 

*Maxima Property Management has licensed contractors on staff for HVAC. Other jobs that may require a license are subcontracted out after a bidding process to obtain our customers the best price and best service! *