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Full Service Real Estate Company

Maxima is a full service Real Estate Company. We handle every aspect of properties large and small, offering solutions and a competitive advantage to our customers. While most of our business centers around residential and apartments, our commercial division is just as capable to take care of your job.

Real Estate Brokerage:
We have our own real estate brokerage that specializes in residential properties in the South Florida area. Welcome to Maxima Realty!

Rental Property Management:
Whether you are an investor looking for someone to handle the daily management of investment property, or a tenant looking for a place to live, you can trust us to deliver the right property management services that you need.

Vacation Homes Rental Management:
We are a certified vacation rental management company that offers vacation rental property management and short-term rental services to homeowners that want to rent their property for short period of time or on a nightly basis.

Second Home Management:
If you own a home in South Florida and need a trustworthy party to maintain it for you, Maxima has you covered. Inspections, Car Driving, Vendor Meetings, Work Coordination, Mail procurement, and more!

Property Repairs & Maintenance:
Our in-house staff of maintenance, technicians handle whatever arises in a timely, professional, and truthful fashion.

Remodeling & Home Renovation:
Our home renovation & remodeling division provides you with the help to make your current home become the one you are dreaming of!