Is Your AirBnB Ready For The Holidays?

With Christmas fast approaching, is your Airbnb ready for the holiday season? At Maxima Property Management, we explore a few ways to boost occupancy and ensure your property is primed for the upcoming season. 

Raise your rates

The holiday season coincides with families and couples taking time off work. As such, it’s one of the busiest times of the year for travel. Hotels will raise their rates to match the demand, so you need to follow suit. Accommodation is hard to come by during busy periods, so people are prepared to pay more. Don’t go too crazy – check the average rates in your area to be sure you’re not over or underpriced. 

Optimize your listing

Focus on adding some holiday season spice to your Airbnb listing. Focus on the headline and description, pointing out key facets that relate to Christmas and New Year. For instance, list the distance to the nearest Chrismas Market. 


Think about things like views of NYE fireworks or other aspects people are looking for when going away during the holiday season. It keeps your listing current and highlights the USPs that make you more attractive than others.

Embrace the season

Lastly, get your Airbnb into the holiday spirit. If Christmas is celebrated in your area, decorate the property with a tree and all the trimmings. It makes your property more inviting and will look awesome in the photos on your listing. 


Likewise, go the extra mile with some holiday season perks for guests to enjoy. Leave them with some Christmas treats – like mulled wine, chocolates, or even some homebaked gingerbread men. It costs very little on your behalf, but it works wonders for the overall guest experience. 


We understand that the holiday season is busy for everyone. So, it’s hard to find time to get your Airbnb in shape. Don’t worry, Maxima Property Management is on-hand to help with everything. We’ll manage your listing and ensure that everything is set up to attract occupants and offer them a festive experience.