How AirBnB Hosts Can Survive Covid

airbnb, cancellation, maxima, property, managementThe year 2020 was filled with promise, until February and March when almost every single country went into lockdown. Many businesses started to suffer, but one of the businesses that have suffered incredibly is that of Airbnb hosts due to Airbnb cancellations.

Airbnb is a quick and effective way to match people with properties. Those properties get booked, and then people arrive on the day that is arranged. But due to the massive and unprecedented coronavirus, there has been an enormous wave of cancellations.

There are two kinds of Airbnb owners. The ones who bought a property to make it available for rental purposes, and the ones who had extra room that could make some cash. And, business has come crashing down for both.

So what can you do to survive the airbnb cancellation wave?

Offer incredible deals. While people can’t quite travel yet, many people are starting to look and book. Planning for the future. A price promotion can bring in a slew of quick bookings. 

Although it should be noted, you might not get the clientele that you are used to. However, these discounted bookings will be a lifesaver in the current situation. Here are a few more quick fixes. 

  • Being proactive about your rental model and changing it from multiple rooms to one large group home. The other way round might work out too – play with different rental options to find what works. 
  • Think about if your property would be suitable for pets, or perhaps smokers, just for the short term. 
  • Adding an office space, understanding that people need to work from home now, and your Airbnb can provide a space to do so, while still maintaining social distancing rules.
  • Set your minimum night to one rather than two or three, this allows people to get out of their current home but only for a short time.
  • Make longer rentals something that is available, as nurses and front line workers often need to be away from home from multiple weeks.
  • Play up the features that are going to be a draw to people who can’t really go out and shop, to the cinemas, or to a restaurant—a fully stocked kitchen and Netflix with Wi-Fi connection or an office might be exactly what they need. 
  • And use all of your free social media spaces to advertise your property. Go all in on cross-market listings.

Be flexible and change some of what you do to stay afloat during the wave of airbnb cancellations. For more information contact us today.