What should I do to protect my vacation rental during coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a world issue that is affecting every one of us in one way. If you have a vacation rental, you may need to do a few things. It is not just the importance of deep and regular cleaning. It also relates to ensuring the property is 100% virus free using the WHO standards. 

Firstly, deep clean with thorough equipment. This means using the correct PPE such as gloves and the correct cleaning products. Gloves are best if they are disposable and you must be sure to still wash your hands following usage. This applies to you and your cleaning staff who must be adequately protected too. There are recommended disinfectants to use.

Before using disinfectants however, it is wise to clean all surface areas with hot soapy water, before moving on to disinfecting. Everything must be disinfected, such as handles, remotes, taps, railings, doorknobs and any area touched by humans. Sanitize the bedrooms thoroughly by changing all bedding and adding mattress protectors. 

There is no need to use an Ozone machine, these are proven to not be beneficial. A little common sense and some heavy duty cleaning and you can protect your property. Keep your guests informed of your regime and also encourage hygiene. Leave notes or reminders and try to give them as much information.

There are plenty of ways to keep safe. Adding hand sanitizer to your property is good encouragement. In regards to protecting yourself as the owner, it is vital to get the correct information that is correct for your area/country.